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About Us

Trust the Licensed Denture Specialist

Denture Design Inc. owned and operated by William Harris, who specializes in creating and placing complete dentures as well as partial dentures. As a denture specialist, he is able to create a more refined end product. With such high standard placed on the end product, customers are extremely pleased with the outcome. All work is done by the denturist at the on-site lab and because of that, customers enjoy huge savings. If you are missing one tooth, two teeth, or all your teeth, we can help. Call us today to see how we can assist you.


Who we are

Rely on Your Denturist

Bill Harris is a second generation denturist who received training from Frank Harris, his father who is also a licensed denturist with 52 years of experience in the industry. Frank Harris started his denturist career in the U.S. Navy. Before he moved to Idaho, he had a denture practice in California. Both William Harris and his father practiced in Pocatello, ID together for many years, providing a high level of quality as it relates to constructing and fitting full and partial dentures, relines, and denture repairs. Bill Harris relocated to Franklin, ID where he continues to provide the same level of excellence to Northern Utah and Southeastern Idaho. Frank Harris and Bill Harris were instrumental in passing the Idaho denturist initiative that made it possible for patients to go directly to the denture laboratory bypassing the dentist, making it more affordable to get dentures.

Bill's daughter, Kelli Harris, now works alongside Bill and is training to be a third generation denturist. Together they work to bring beautiful smiles to the public.

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